Throwback Thursday – Review of Blood, Sweat & Tea by Tom Reynolds

First published in 2006, and followed by the ‘sequel’, More Blood, More Sweat & Another Cup of Tea , these are selected posts from the writer’s then-blog, turned into book form. As it says, “The real life adventures in an inner city ambulance”.

Trust me, you will sit down to read one or two and then it’s an hour later and the book is half finished. You will chortle, despair, probably have a little weep, sigh at humanity, and gain a little insight into the life of an EMT in London. You will want to be one of those people who leaves a bar of Dairy Milk on an ambo’s windscreen with a kind note, and not one who complains a big yellow van with flashing lights is blocking his drive whilst treating a critically ill person.

Tom (real name Brian Kellett) writes in such a chatty, friendly, quite gossipy style, as if you are one of the gang, that it makes the difficult stories hit that much harder, and the funny ones sound that much funnier.

It will make you want to go and do a first aid course. Or at least watch some You Tube videos. You know, “press hard and fast on the medallion”… And it will definitely make you want a cup of tea.


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