Review of Sleep Tight by C S Green

Sleep Tight

This arrived as part of a Perfectly Imperfect Book Club parcel (check them out on Etsy) with a book and treats that I ordered to spoil myself because working from home on dark cold winter afternoons is a bit grim sometimes. It’s not my usual fare of travelogue or sci fi but I will definitely be reading the next in the series when it’s released.

It’s described as having a kinship to The X Files; as lover of that forerunner show (member of the fan club back in the day!) I would say it’s a slightly down at heel inner city cousin, with terrible weather and more tea rounds. Maybe a close-to-retirement Phoebe Green would pop over to ask a favour of UCIT with a weird case now and again (one for the X Files viewers there, sorry).

I don’t usually read police procedurals, outside ploughing through the entire Morse box set once, but I was grabbed by this one.

You feel for the main character, Rose, immediately; she’s had a miserable childhood and adulthood isn’t treating her much better. She’s finally become a policewoman and so badly wants to really belong to her new blue family, as she has no friends outside it, but there’s something holding her back from fully investing in life. She’s treading water, hopeless, waiting for something not clearly defined and probably awful to happen. She has secrets she’s not even admitting to herself properly. She doesn’t sleep well. She lives (well, exists) in the old, dark, damp family home, and her boss can’t at the moment bear the sight of her, through no fault of her own, which is doing her prospects no good at all.

There is a supernatural element to the story, but it’s handled well and with complete seriousness. I got to around 40 pages from the end and I could not wait to find out the resolution. It really is hard to put down. I did not guess whodunnit and it was a satisfying resolution that leads into the (hopefully soon) next book.


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