Review of A Still Life, by Elliott Wink

A Still Life, Elliott Wink

This is a simply beautiful little sci fi novelette. The telling of the short story is deft, menacing and bittersweet, and will leave you wanting so much more.

We are introduced to 180 years into our future, to an old fashioned (even for our times) hotel of faded grandeur in Bay Area San Francisco. The staff now consists solely of receptionist, Addie, and cleaner, Lydia.

There are no guests at this once popular, bustling hotel, and haven’t been any for decades. Addie and Lydia steadily repeat their tasks day after day, unable to break free from the routine, Addie amusing and educating herself with a diet of television shows from the past, in between checking for bookings and voicemails.

There are flashbacks to Addie’s earlier life interspersed with the growing feeling that something is very wrong with the present day.

There is such hope and humanity woven through this brief glimpse into Addie’s world, I hope one day the author returns to it and allows us to explore further.

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