Review of Eight Detectives, by Alex Pavesi

Eight Detectives, Alex Pavesi

Whilst I love a whodunnit, I’m always terrible at working out who did it.

To be fair for this book, I didn’t even try, I let the story wash over me like I was watching a lush BBC adaptation; set on a beautiful sun-bleached island, where I recline in the shade of a tree, with a glass of local wine, watching the author and the editor of the story talking quietly, with the occasional raised word, at a table nearby.

The narrative through the book swaps back and forth between the island home of self-isolated ex-professor and author Grant McAllister, and a series of murder mysteries written for a book called The White Murders twenty years earlier in the 1930’s. Julia Hart has come all the way from the UK to visit him, to discuss editing a new edition for an independent publisher, with a preface written by Julia herself.

The murders range over a variety of settings; a strange family trapped in a stultifying stately home, burning buildings, an extensive yet stuffy Spanish villa, the English seaside, and a posh London courtyard residence. Many and varied places to die and for suspects and detectives to gather.

To say much more would run the risk of venturing into spoilers, but I enjoyed the twists and turns, and the eventual resolution was both shocking and satisfying.


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