Review of Funny You Should Ask… by The QI Elves

“Above all, this book is a chance to pause, sit back and marvel at our amazing world.”

Zoe Ball
Funny You Should Ask, and Funny You Should Ask… Again, by the QI Elves

You can’t beat a book from the QI team and these two are absolute crackers. Perfect for reading cover to cover or dipping in and out of. Although you run the risk of reading one fact and still being sat reading an hour and thirty facts later.

You will learn so much, and if anything like me, bore your family rigid with every new fascinating tidbit. Things that you took for granted that you know, but you really don’t.

I haven’t managed to ever catch the segment on Zoe Ball’s BBC2 radio show, The Why Workshop, that these books were born from, but I imagine these more than make up for it.

I would also recommend the podcast from the QI Elves, No Such Thing As A Fish. There are years of episodes available, and Anna, James, Andrew and Dan do take a show on tour where they record a podcast live quite regularly. I’ve seen it three times myself.

So if you are curious about the world around you, and the oddest parts of it at that, these are the fact books for you.

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