Blog Tour: Review of The Great Convergence by Thomas Kast

The Great Convergence by Thomas Kast

Today is my spot on the blog tour for this sparky novel from an original new author.

Welcome to one million years from now. As far as the humans in this story are concerned, the same old problems arise as they ever have. Work relationships, career progression, partners, gaining tenure, and what even is Art? It’s all just as much of a problem aeons into the future as it is now.

The author of this wonderfully strange debut tale is Thomas Kast, a photojournalist and illustrator with Asperger’s syndrome, now based in Switzerland, who previously taught photography and design at colleges across Israel. His experiences are woven deftly throughout this book.

Thomas Kast

If you love your science fiction subversive, odd and satirical, this is definitely for you. It’s stuffed with quirky ingenuity and forthrightness. It does take quite a bit of concentration to follow; I tried reading it whilst watching The Witcher (other fantasy series are available) and the TV had to go! There were a lot of words I had to look up, like viscid and tenebrous (and that’s from the same paragraph!). I loved that.

You will never look at a house fly the same way again. Especially if they happen to be hovering in circles above you in a pair. And there is something lovely about a chapter heading proclaiming it is the 18th April, so far so normal, in the year 9,984,625.

The book also includes an appendix with glossaries and timelines, which I only discovered when I’d finished it!

Author website http://www.thomaskast .com

Book website


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