Review of Vulnerable in Front of Fiction Vol. 1,by Gayle Ramage

Vulnerable In Front Of Fiction, Gayle Ramage

From the cover

Two bodysnatchers find themselves in a bidding war – by the dead. A passion for books proves fatal for a librarian. Santa Claus is reminded of his third list. A zombie gleefully awaits the Uprising. A teenager realises too late that pranks can have dire consequences.

With bickering wise men, sinister clocks, and charismatic stomachs, Vulnerable In Front Of Fiction contains the weird and the wonderful, the dark and the light. 14 tales to entertain and intrigue.

(I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.)


This book has an absolutely beautiful cover, I love it.

It’s been a long time since I read any short stories, and these, written largely during the pandemic, are some cracking examples.

There are some very disconcerting concepts and events included, but I think my favourite was the truly awful human being who luxuriated in becoming a zombie in The Great British Zombie Uprising! That and one of the shortest, Moon.

Gayle writes well, world-building with such a short space to do it is a real skill. Characters come to life with just a few words. There is humour and horror in equal measure here, and very often a twist in the tale. I’m really looking forward to reading more by this author, bring on volume 2!

The links to the book on Amazon and Waterstones, and the author’s website, are below.

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