Blog Tour stop: Review of London In Black by Jack Lutz

(I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review. And boy am I glad I did, I loved it.) FROM THE COVER: THE ATTACKS WON’T STOP. NEITHER WILL SHE. LONDON 2027. Terrorists deploy London Black, a highly sophisticated nerve gas, at Waterloo Station. For ten percent of the population – theContinue reading “Blog Tour stop: Review of London In Black by Jack Lutz”

Review of Eight Detectives, by Alex Pavesi

Whilst I love a whodunnit, I’m always terrible at working out who did it. To be fair for this book, I didn’t even try, I let the story wash over me like I was watching a lush BBC adaptation; set on a beautiful sun-bleached island, where I recline in the shade of a tree, withContinue reading “Review of Eight Detectives, by Alex Pavesi”

Review of Sleep Tight by C S Green

This arrived as part of a Perfectly Imperfect Book Club parcel (check them out on Etsy) with a book and treats that I ordered to spoil myself because working from home on dark cold winter afternoons is a bit grim sometimes. It’s not my usual fare of travelogue or sci fi but I will definitelyContinue reading “Review of Sleep Tight by C S Green”

Throwback Thursday – Great North Road by Peter F Hamilton

I absolutely love this giant of a book. I bought it in paperback first, which was huge. I read it, and it became my favourite book for a long while. Then I found the hardback in Poundland of all places and I couldn’t leave it there. So now I have two huge books, on aContinue reading “Throwback Thursday – Great North Road by Peter F Hamilton”