Throwback Thursday: Review of The Feast, by Margaret Kennedy

I admit I picked this book up initially because of the beautiful cover painting of a Cornish beach in the Forties. The back is just as lovely. It reminds me of Gyllyngvase beach in Falmouth, where if you flew high enough over it you could see the coast on the other side of the town.Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Review of The Feast, by Margaret Kennedy”

Review of A Still Life, by Elliott Wink

This is a simply beautiful little sci fi novelette. The telling of the short story is deft, menacing and bittersweet, and will leave you wanting so much more. We are introduced to 180 years into our future, to an old fashioned (even for our times) hotel of faded grandeur in Bay Area San Francisco. TheContinue reading “Review of A Still Life, by Elliott Wink”

Review of The Ghosts of Thorwald Place, by Helen Power

A supernatural, satisfying, unusual murder mystery. I haven’t read a story about a ghost for a while, I forgot how much I enjoy them. It’s no spoiler to note that the main character of this novel becomes one in chapter two. The central conceit of the elevator environment really works, both allowing and restricting theContinue reading “Review of The Ghosts of Thorwald Place, by Helen Power”

Review of Sleep Tight by C S Green

This arrived as part of a Perfectly Imperfect Book Club parcel (check them out on Etsy) with a book and treats that I ordered to spoil myself because working from home on dark cold winter afternoons is a bit grim sometimes. It’s not my usual fare of travelogue or sci fi but I will definitelyContinue reading “Review of Sleep Tight by C S Green”