Blog Tour: Review of The Great Convergence by Thomas Kast

Today is my spot on the blog tour for this sparky novel from an original new author. Welcome to one million years from now. As far as the humans in this story are concerned, the same old problems arise as they ever have. Work relationships, career progression, partners, gaining tenure, and what even is Art?Continue reading “Blog Tour: Review of The Great Convergence by Thomas Kast”

Review of A Still Life, by Elliott Wink

This is a simply beautiful little sci fi novelette. The telling of the short story is deft, menacing and bittersweet, and will leave you wanting so much more. We are introduced to 180 years into our future, to an old fashioned (even for our times) hotel of faded grandeur in Bay Area San Francisco. TheContinue reading “Review of A Still Life, by Elliott Wink”

Review of Inhibitor Phase, by Alistair Reynolds

I do love a good space opera. It can be daunting though, looking at the shelves of thick Peter F Hamilton books, all the many Culture novels from Iain M Banks, and Mr Reynolds himself has a huge oeuvre of Revelation Space-set stories. Which is why I like a novel that whilst set in aContinue reading “Review of Inhibitor Phase, by Alistair Reynolds”